Excel tips

May 10

Just working for google merchant data. I have to insert some text to the whole cell. Record tips here.   1. B1 =”SOME TEXT BEFORE”&A1 2.Copy B1 to whole b1-b100 3. select paste back to a1 with just value.   I also have to find some text including “|” 1. B1...

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Missing required field “entry-title”, “updated”, hCard “author” solution

Apr 29

Today I met a problem when I was using google¬†rich snippets testing tool to test one website youtubeexplorer.com Extracted structured data hatom-feed hatom-entry: entry-content: 90% YouTube Users Don’t Know About This Trick Brand new free software helps you to find YouTube movies quickly. Download from CNET From 1 to 1974 YouTube Videos In One...

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How to Optimize MySQL

Nov 08

Today I found my websites were very slow. Log into linode system and I found MySQL is over 500% CPU usage. Just google it. and found a script. wget https://raw.github.com/major/MySQLTuner-perl/master/mysqltuner.pl use winscp to change the pl file to 777 use putty to telnet the server. Just run the pl. ./mysqltuner.pl The pl will display some setting suggestion. ...

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How to run metatrader 4 in Ubuntu 12.04 with Linode server

Jul 28

I decided to run metatrader in my linode server because Windows VPS is very expensive. After a few hours’ work, I succeeded. Record here 1. Install wine on Ubuntu sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install wine 2. copy files from windows system to Ubuntu system. Upload C:\windows\Fonts\*.* to...

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Linode server crashed. How I solved it.

Jul 20

My linode server crashed yesterday. I am not familiar with linux system. Just google to solve the problem. 1. run “df -h” to see my disk image is almost not free space available. It is the reason that my websites often crashed. 2. apt-get install ncdu 3. ncdu to see which directory has the large files. 4. Find one cache folder is over 11G. Desided to...

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